How To Decorate with Turquoise – 10 Tips to Make it Work

Spring and Turquoise – made for each other! Painting by Christen Mattix – image from design sponge

Turquoise – I’m feeling it!

Each spring Mother Nature decks herself out in the haute couture
of seasonal finery that in many local setting gives the red carpet a run for its
money. Sap green seedlings mingling with Cerulean skies accessorized with
orchid buds, delicate pinks florals, and a carpet of emerald greens. It never
fails to inspire me to consider the colors that compliment with Spring’s vivid
pallet. The three shades that invariably come to mind are Canary Yellow, Fuchsia
and Turquoise.

Turquoise is a color that does not occur frequently in nature above ground,  at terra firma, save for a robin’s eggs, a few magical skies at dusk, and some mineral pools – but it adds a pop of color that is eye candy in or out-of-doors. Prized by ancient Egypt and its trading ports, and used as superlatives describing tropical seas, turquoise is a combination straight from the painter’s pallet. Turquoise is a combo of cerulean blue, viridian green (a bluish-green) mixed with the proportion of white to create that shade that’s your heart’s desire. But using Turquoise can be tricky…even in
its purest geological form; it can resemble plastic and be cold and a little
aggressive on walls in the wrong mix. Turquoise and spring tones can also leave
your pallet looking a bit adolescent.

There are few ways that turquoise can be coerced into acting your age…

1) Try a chinoiserie-inspired wallpaper as a launching pad for a vibrant scheme. Wood tones and solid teal range turquoise shades act as a foil to the flamboyant pattern and converses easily between modern and traditional elements.

turquoise shares a bright moment with its good friends, Fuchsia and canary yellow – image via

2) Add striking lines and black to your turquoise pallet – black adds instant sophistication and weight to colors whose vibrancy is in need of solid ground.

3. Combine a variety of turquoise shades and neutral colors with an array of varying textures – scrolling texture, cable knit, pebbly texture – moldings garner instant interest.

The combination of shape, molding and patina speak to welcome and history.

image from English Home & Garden

4. If you use pops of turquoise, incorporate a variety of finishes – matt velvets, metallic votives, and transparent turquoise glass create the collected look, interest, and depth.

  1. 5. Layer  turquoise accents at varying room heights – a patterned area rug, whose least dominant color is turquoise is the foundation for a prominent color theme when echoed in pillows, wall art and as the prominent color in a chandelier or over-sized floor lamp.





The happiest turquoise kitchen i have ever seen! – image from house of turquoise blog

6. Try saturated color – walls, wall art and accessories, relieved
only by crisp white – a real show stopper but not for the faint of heart!

If you’ve got it, flaunt it – like this tiny kitchen made marvelous with gorgeous deep peacock color-soaked turquoise walls – image from apartment therapy

7. And for the faint of heart – a little turquoise goes a long way! Keep your pallet
light and triangulate a few pops of turquoise (lamps, pillows, coffee table vase).

In this symphony of symmetry by Little Rock Interior Designer Tobi Fairley, turquoise happily shares center stage with its complement orange, and canary yellow in the way of spring tulips

8. Turquoise is a fabulous happy color, that draws people to the kitchen to ooh, ah,
and converse while you cook.

This dynamic and unlikely duo of turquoise and pink create a low-budget but inviting and hip kitchen – image from House of Turquoise blog

9. Stripes – wall stripes, floor stripes and striped area rugs are fabulous vehicles to drive your turquoise accent home.

10. Painted furniture adds charm – repurpose, and save design dollars instead of populating land fills!

The right flea market find shines that focal spot light on a painted turquoise master piece – like this image from HGTV’s Color Splash

Now get some turquoise and get designing!

A personal take on eclectic Turquoise Treasures