French Pastry & Candice Olson Paints – Eat Color!

Mmmmm…….Color! Let’s get inspired…

The relationship between color and food is one filled with passion and parallel avenues of creative expression. Both engage the senses, and revel in the expression of the human experience and all its potential for changing the way we feel through the enhancement of our lifestyles.

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I have decided to expand the inspiration offered on Re-Do it Design to include the romance and synergy between palette and pallet, or palette and plate – and what better place to begin exploration of color or plate than France? I will be posting a French-inspired recipe later today.

While food and design vary regionally there are some overall impressions that may help you to choose the colors that best describe you and your lifestyle.

Choosing a paint color or colors can be sincerely over-whelming – yet many people seem to approach the topic with an unnecessary hint of shame. You don’t feel bad when someone helps you file income taxes! Narrowing down the selections to a look that best expresses you at home takes some experience – but also some simple rules. I can help with those…

Chip it! from Sherwin Williams applies paint color to this image from pinkpreppylillylover

Let’s think French for a moment….Fashion enjoys a tremendous cross-over to room design. But choosing a color you love in wardrobe (or from plate inspiration for that matter) works a bit differently in your home, where the area of color is amplified by square footage.

Combinations of colors alone are endless, but their relationships to one another are complex and infinite. Many designers will tell you to begin by asking you what your favorite color is – but this often serves to muddy the waters of choosing paint color even further!

The system of trios functions by choosing Three colors that function in influential relationships to one another. In text book 101 design, the three main colors for your space are distributed in a 60:30:10 ratio which design convention considers the distribution of ideal coverage of each color in a scheme. Don’t get me going – this rule really encourages people to dismiss ceilings and floors as design opportunities – but let’s stick with the book for the sake of simplicity….and add some French inspiration.

To make your favorite colors pop requires providing the ideal back drop to showcase them against. This approach softens the brighter hues and creates balance and harmony within your room. Any color placed next to its compliment, will also look brighter and more dynamic.

Your neutral shades will most likely consist or your heavier pieces such as sofas or chairs. The French look is bleached, like the chalky paints we have been talking about and rich in surface texture. Attention to surfaces and infusing velvets, patina finishes and mirrors really bring the look together.

Need more inspiration? Have fun an get inspired on Olioboard! Have a look at my French inspired Girl’s room, below. Olioboard is a great forum to test-run working concepts and for virtual trial and error, with absolutely no regret.


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