Find Color – Choosing Art


image via Lisa Hewitt on Pinterest

How do you find color – color that defines your design?

Wall art is a great way to inflect color and personal style in any space. Properly hung wall art is centered at the average person’s height (about 5’5″, so if it’s an installation wall that’s your center) so it communicates with color both above and below and is the perfect mechanism to create unity via that color dialogue.

image via elle decor

We left off at some thoughts shared¬†regarding that disconnect between Color Trends, and the¬†colors and style that are finding their ways into homes at large. The brilliant piece of that dichotomy between trend setters and creative users is that the split provides nearly infinite opportunity for you to develop a color equation that is long-lived and defines your personal style – as opposed to being defined by someone else’s style.

Art is a medium well known for beating its own drum, and developing a “good eye” can be easier said than accomplished. The selection of art makes the selection of fine wine seem like child’s play. Volumes can and are written on the criteria for the selection of art but at the end of the day, it really comes down to something that can’t easily be taught or translated into a hard and fast set of rules.

Wall art varies as widely as do individuals tastes in art, and the design styles that they are chosen to communicate with – but there are some tips and tricks that can simplify the selection process and help you elevate color trends to your walls in a tasteful and eye-catching manner.

1) The thumbnail rule. I talked about this is choosing elements to flank a story or gallery wall. A composition that is very strong can stand its ground equally whether enlarged or in a print the size of a postage stamp.

Peinture, 202×143 (Pierre Soulages) via artmatters -6 November 1967, Oil on canvas

2) Contemporary art is generally more sought after and valued intellectually by the art community that representational or realistic works of art. Prints translate into your home on almost any budget.

3) If you choose the work of a well-known artist as print, it immediately betrays the fact that it is a reproduction. Gustav Klimpt for instance is well known for his evocative portraits of women embellished with gold. These are beautiful, but a widely reproduced and recognizable artwork may lend a bumper sticker aspect to your design – Klimpt is lesser known for his landscapes, and they are filled with many of this decade’s sought after colors.

Gustav Klimt, House in Attersee from One Kings Lane $89 framed

4) Buying original art can become very costly, but there are some ways of adding that original bright spot to your design that are within reach. original lithographs are frequently attainable for under $500 and can be re-sold in online forums if you tired of them; frequently at your cost if not more.

Lithograph of Marina by Jo Rebert

5) Vintage Japanese prints are sought after and highly collectible. They range in price from very sought after…

Ando Hiroshige, Ryogoku

But Vintage Japanese prints that post-date the 18th century can be quite affordable, like this print I found on Etsy (below) that includes the hot Pantone Trend Colors for 2013 for only $32.

Print available on Etsy from TokyoVintage26 for $32

An original photograph of Avon Glasses sitting on a glass cake stand

An original photograph of Avon Glasses sitting on a glass cake stand


6) A FREE gift – If you are still biting your lip thinking about just wrapping your budget around a wall of frames from Target, here’s a gift for stopping by. You can find me on Pinterest under Kimberly Latimer – if you’re not a Pinterest member, email me or leave a comment for an invite. My photography board has a number of original images that I have uploaded at full size – this means that you can download the file to a CD and print them in large sizes.

They are free – all I ask is if you use one, send me an image of your result!

Get some color and culture via wall art for Color Trends to define your own unique expression ~