Fall 2011 Color – Unexpected Colors of Fall

A Benjamin Moore ad from House Beautiful Magazine

Fall color is inescapable in the North East, living in technicolor anywhere wherever you cast your eye. Warm symphonies of color play at a crescendo for a few all too short weeks, before color at large goes quietly to sleep until April. But the colors of mums are fall colors, too, and they are plentiful, cost effective and enjoying a Renaissance of new and captivating arrangement, as I could help but notice, pumpkin latte and camera in hand our local Wegman’s (which I fondly refer to as “The mother ship”).

So what do Ballerinas and colors like “pink lady” and “lush lilac” have to do with Fall Color?

A mixed mum on my front steps.

I couldn’t help but be reminded of mums, the frequently over-looked ambassadors of unexpected Fall color and hue as I perused House Beautiful and saw the Benjamin Moore colors (above) that reminded me not of the ballet, but of the color arrangements suffused in lavenders and soft pinks living so comfortably along side the more traditional coppery rust and crimson tones of seasonal color.

Images of mums I took at the local grocery store!

If you are not sold on the similarity, I color sampled each of my own images (above) to construct the the color palette below:

A mum inspired pallete of the other Fall colors

Here are some Mummish spaces that tell the less repeated Fall color stories.

A Bedroom by Designer Daniel Sachs beside mums from my local grocer – bedroom from House Beautiful

Charleston Living Room by Angie Hranowski beside my envious mums.

This gorgeous dining room is painted in Jack Horner’s Plum by Pratt & Lambert, which looks allot like those mums…

Veranda Magazine meets my front stoop…

Image from Veranda Magazine

Try looking at seasons, florals, and color through a different lens – you might be surprised what you see!

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