Diamond Jubilee – In Style

A jubilee cake – magentacakes.com

Queen Elizabethe II – image via thediamondjubilee.org

I am forestalling the exercise of installing a Dricore basement sub flooring st stem to share design news of a much more fun and frivolous nature – the 60th anniversary of the reign of her majesty Queen Elizabeth II of England!

In sharp contrast to their usual less is more brand of stoicism and humor (I can say this, because I am half British lineage and am not purporting a cultural stereotype) those Brits really do know how and when to let their hair down and throw a party!

With great sense of humor, a derby attendee makes sport of the traditional millenary creations

And what better reason to celebrate than her Majesty’s 60th anniversary to ascension of the crown! Sixty years! Unless I am mistaken, this makes her installment in a royal leadership the longest of any living royal save for King Bhumibol Adulyadej of Thailand, withstanding his role as a reigning head of state. But whether in or out of power, or whatever is said about the social roles of royals, the British people clearly have heart-felt warmth and a keen interest in the Royal Family and their role in British society.

The Diamond jubilee has seen nearly as many changes of venue as royal attire and feathery millenaries throughout this past week! Queen attended the Epsom Derby, The Big Jubilee Lunch (Built on the popular Big Lunch initiative to share lunch with neighbors and friends in the spirit of the Diamond Jubilee celebration),

The river pagent – a once in a life time event! image via mirror.co.uk

The Thames Diamond Jubilee Pageant Diamond Jubilee celebration– an event taking place on the Thames involving the nearly 1,000 boats of people across the UK, and of the Commonwealth that attended from around the world in a spectacle that may not be repeated for another century!

The Royal barged, manned by Royal crew – image via mirror.co.uk

The Queen and The Duke of Edinburgh manned in the Royal Barge; taking the lead of this floating spectacle – and this was just the warm-up of the celebrations! There was the BBC Concert at Buckingham Palace that set the stage for a host of celebrities gathered to honor her royal majesty and celebrate the Diamond Jubilee at Buckingham Palace.

Buckingham Palace gardens fireworks marked the end of the Jubilee Concert – image via in2eastafrica.net

The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Beacons: A network of, not coincidentally, 2,012 Beacons were lit by communities and peoples throughout the United Kingdom and the Channel Islands, the Isle of Man and the Commonwealth. The Queen herself presided over the lighting of National Beacon.

a jubilee beacon – image via anke blog

Today concludes the Diamond Jubilee weekend’s celebrations with a day of celebration set in central London, which will include a service to be held at St Paul’s Cathedral followed by two receptions, a luncheon at Westminster Hall, and a Carriage Procession to Buckingham Palace that will conclude with a traditional Balcony appearance, a Royal air force fly-by, and Feu de Joie (a musketry salute fired by each guard in turn along a line and back).

Carriage procession today to St Paul’s cathedral – white steeds and all – image via vosizneias.com

Phew! All that celebration requires a whole lot of style – and the Brits are armed from feet to hats with style, pageantry, and even some Pantone color presence…

Style and detail were everywhere in the celebration, which while riveted on royal fashion,

The Queen’ attire – decortoadore-blogspot.jpg

The Duke and Dutchess of Windsor, decked out in Red – Pageantdecortoadoreblogspot

is also not lacking in whimsical jubilee-ant decor that’s not afraid to poke a bit of fun at itself…

an oversized union jack armchair with antiqued flags – staceysheppard wordpress blog

some jubilee pillows and her majesty’s profile in time – staceysheppard wordpress blog

more Diamond Jubilee souvenirs – designloversblog2

a union jack rug by jonathon adler

Diamond jubilee wallpaper by graham-brown from their website

Long live the Queen!

The Queen in cupcakes – a Diamond Jubilee tribute by cupcakecavern.com

I am feeling very Cinderella-ish as I go off to lay subfloors…

Frrom royalty to “reality”- see you after the Design Star white room challenge!