How To Decorate Like a Pro – Tips & Tools

Achieving that Home Decor magazine-cover look has less to with what your style is than knowing the principles of great design – and a willingness to learn by trial and error and have fun!

Think of it like creating a spectacular cake –

Step 1 – The cake layers – this is the  big picture in thinking – no accessories yet. What do you need from your space? Storage? Rest? Play? Step 1 is solutions.Icovia Planner is almost as easy as a phone app and it’s free, user-friendly and you can even print your design.

Become an instant Interior Designer – icovia makes it simple.

EVERYTHING in this program is easily customizable – it allows you to visualise, whether you are a designer or not. Just measure your room (if your room has odd angles, no problem – place your cursor on the wall and drag), and the dimensions of all your furniture. Drag your furniture templates into your virtual room and  resize them to represent your dimensions  – voila – you just created your own design elevation like a pro!

Everything from your light sources to wall sockets (every lamp, TV, etc needs one) is here. Play until your heart’s content or until you’re satisfied with the balance, form, function and pass-through flow of your design.

Step 2 – Decorating  – placement of key pieces – work from larger pieces to smallest…there’s almost no such thing as too much lighting. I would add sconces (above) for a bit of jewelry and reading light. Books are not just for decoration!

Step 3 – Accessories and arrangments. CREATE COMMUNITY THROUGH RELATIONSHIPS.

This space has me ready to move in – but night is as inevitable as taxes – some jewel-like sconces reinforce both color pallet and function. image from House Beautiful Magazine. I can’t find the sconce source – if you know drop me an email!

It’s like creating a guest list that includies personalities likely to spark conversation – separating personalities  with too much in common, or are too dissimilar ensures harmony.