Columbus Day 2012 – Design for Fun!

Columbus Day is the perfect excuse to get an extra day of rest and engage in some online design for fun – here are a couple of leisure time tools to express your design muse….

An Olioboard featuring a pattern mix including Amy Butler and thomaspaul prints

Layla Grayce is having a contest to design your dream bedroom and win up to $4,ooo powered by Olioboard – don’t leave yet; you won’t find it on Olioboard. Just Click Here – and then click on the banner that says “design your own dream bedroom”.

The top three winners will be chosen by Rue Magazine’s Co-Founder and Editor in Chief Crystal Gentilello – will receive cash prizes totaling $1,000, $500 and $250 as a reward for their decorative genius. Here are some entries I mocked up to get your creative juices flowing. For instance, (up top) I used a daybed to create a cozy guest suite using Amy Butler products as my inspiration.

Some items are not available in perspective, such as rugs. I could upload some of my gallery from Olioboard, but I thought this once I might force myself to work within the lines for demonstration’s sake. Using items available on Layla Grayce may help stack the your odds and favor you to win!

There are currently less than 300 entries, so odds are good if you let your imagination go – and remember the rules; at  least two Pine Cone Hill products per board! In the board above, I reinvented my room by duplicating it, and flipping the copy, aligning them side-by-side to create an elevation that provides you with an invisible wall, so that you can think about layout. Then I uploaded a landscape image I liked, to serve as the window view.

Remember – there is a lot of neutral product, but like it does on television, neutrals don’t make the same image impact as color, so try and express as much color as possible.

If you feel lost, read my 4-part series: The Anatomy of GREAT Design. It will tell you all you need to know to mock up a sound design concept, whether on Layla Grayce or in your living room.

And speaking of living spaces, as 2012 draws inexorably toward its close, Interior Design Magazine is taking votes for the best of Design in 2012.

image via Interior Design Magazine’s website

This is a chance for enthusiasts everywhere to make their style known – unlike other elections that shall go unmentioned here, your vote counts! I love hearing what people vote for – it’s almost like a mini-personality test to see what design enthusiasts are drawn to – here’s snippet of my votes:

image via Interior Design Magazine’s website

“Heart of Stone” Series by Wendy Leigh Designs

A fresh, new monthly Art Series mixing photography, metals, fabrics, and custom wood finishes. August series, a vivid photographic series featuring onyx stone printed on satin aluminum and mounted on custom wood for a dimensional effect.

image via Interior Design Magazine’s website

Skyline Planters by Phase Design Inspired by a city skyline, this family of planters creates a captivating tension between the organic and the geometric. The powder-coated aluminum bar cleverly frames your natural botanical selection. Suitable for indoor or outdoor use and available in flat white, black, gray, and yellow.

image via Interior Design Magazine’s website

Ametis Faucet from GRAFF Designed by Davide Oppizzi, Ametis is a futuristic ode to high design in the bathroom. It guides the water through the gentle curves of the faucet, providing a visual representation of the idea that life is a cycle. The color ring changes from red to blue depending on changes in water temperature.

image via Interior Design Magazine’s website

Colour Me Series Linear Drain Shower Base from Valley – Vibrant, ultra modern, and 100% Canadian-made, Valley’s Colour Me linear drain shower base creates a fun and colorful focal point in your bathroom with customizable drain covers in a variety of hues. The matching Chi basin helps to complete the look so you can really show your colors!

image via Interior Design Magazine’s website

“Jelly Bean” Glass Collection by Bendheim – These contemporary, bright architectural glasses bring a sense of optimism and comfort to hospitality, retail, healthcare, educational, and corporate interiors and exteriors. They meet safety codes, block damaging UV rays, can help control solar heat gain, and create uplifting, stimulating environments.


Kyle & Kath – Ogee Inc

From the Revolution collection, this runner was inspired from the most famous queen ever to lose her head. Knotted in Nepal in 200 knot cashmere and silk.

No, that elongate neck is not a tasteless pun – George Washington  from their Revolution Collection has the very same giraffe – like neck – its a tongue and cheek carpet runner portrait!

I think I need this in the foyer….

There are actually loads of lovely carpets in the running, like Kaleidoscope by Warp & Weft “Kaleidoscope” is a creative collaboration between Warp & Weft and Charlotte Rodiere – a textile design major student from Fashion Institute of Technology in New York. The snow white background is made of a blend of semi-worsted Merino wool and twisted silk, which rises above the triangles in wool.

image via Interior Design Magazine’s website

Roosevelt Mosaique Surface pays artistic homage to cosmopolitan metropolis with dozens of innovative and original designs including the Roosevelt, featured below in Calacatta Oro Antiqued and Moonstone White Venetian glass – stunning!

image via Interior Design Magazine’s website

So what do my votes say about me? Like most people, my insight about self is not quite as finely honed as it is towards the people for whom I would design, but this is just a snipet of what design has to offer – tell me what you voted for!

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