Color Trends 2012 – Violet Twilight Color Stories Go Neutral

Benjamin Moore’s Violet Twighlight palette – image from Benjamin Moore’s website

Violet Twilight is the colorist’s and novice designer’s dream come true – and one of my absolute favorite color palettes for 2012. The reason lies again with gray; a topic I have come close to exhausting this week. But it is the truly neutral virtue of gray that takes the bow for this twinkling color group, and what it has to offer to your design.

Blues and violets can be amongst the hardest colors to transform into a successful design, but gray lends its neutral posture to many of the Violet Twilight shades, creating a mix that is far from the sullen, brooding or even cold. This color disposition making many blues difficult to live with, or the adolescent watermark that makes it hard for many purples to grow up.

Violet Twilight offers sophisticated and confident neutrals that have not out-grown the magic that is romance. These sultry grays, violets, blues, and pinks mingle above in a photo I took at the Jersey Shore, like a long slow kiss at the end of the perfect summer day at the sea’s edge. The variety and monochrome similarity of this captivating color group make them magical as stripes of walls, or as inspirational color to sprinkle throughout your own color story – like that of the bedroom below, which is a mesmerizing group of wispy grey violets with a taupey sand color, emulating our beach at dusk inspiration.

The thistle tones of twilight are so perfectly captured by the dandelion shape of this Modern pendant chandelier! A testament to the neutral nature of these tones is the striking addition of the riveting reds and muted gold in this arresting space.

Elle Decor image – Soft violets and twilight blues

The stronger blues and red-violet shades are unforgettable accents against the paler and more neutral shades, with the addition of a metallic pendant that steals the show…

A Violet Twilight palette in a living room from British Homes & Gardens Magazine

but don’t get sucked into the notion that a great look is limited to your willingness to saturate with the palette. Its versatile nature invites admirers to use this color inspiration as the accent color scheme with equally eye-catching results:

A breathy and restful retreat with grey-violet accent tones by Designer Muriel Brandonlini from her website

And if by now, you are hungering for the introduction of vivid color accents, this palette has you covered. Simply add unexpected vivid color to taste.