Color Trends 2012 – Elemental Greens!

This is the PERFECT color story for gearing up to talk about Christmas decoration, which is the topic ahead! But for today….

Benjamin Moore’s Elemental Green – image from Benjamin Moore’s website

I truly love greens! But the scope of variation on greens can be really over-whelming at the paint store for the occasional designer. Greens and blues can go very wrong…that’s what makes Benjamin Moore’s Color Stories the Garanimals of color palettes!

Greens are of course, the product of combining Blue and Yellow. The result is the love child of two extreme opposites. Yellow is a warm and energetic primary color, associated with sunlight and daytime sctivity. Blues are the languid colors of ocean, sky and the porcelain tones of dusk and midnight indigos settling into restful night. This is of course, an over-simplification – how could the color palette shown here be all made from yellow and blue and be so different? The short story is:

Tertiary color (colors made from 3 analogous colors (colors who neighbor on the color wheel) are step 1 in diversifying greens.

Tertiary color wheel

Next, pretend that the tertiary color wheel is wet paint, and fold it caddy-corner, like a napkin to combine the compliments.

Creating Complimentary Color

By blending compliments to create grays in the green range, then adding varying percentages of white, scads of green shades emerge that are nearly as neutral as grey, that can be combined with others that less removed from their blue or yellow roots, as can be seen in looking at the RGB ratios below.

RGB variations between CSP770 and CSP860

So what does all this color theory mumbo jumbo mean to your  room design?

It means unity – this particular color palette could be successfully distributed between paint, ceiling rug, furnishings, accents, and accessory colors to unify an entire floor of a home without ever being perceived as “too green”, or “all green”. The way color works is that the foundation of all greens, yellow and blue, draw on one another placed side by side, creating emphasis on the yellows and blues, that make the bluer shades appear less green, and the yellow shades seeming greener than they are.

Queen-Elizabeth – Home Design blog

Greens that put their toes in blue sand – British HG

A sea of greens, with kelly green accents tables – British HG

Yes, every color hear is actually green! images from Martha

Your green range is also guaranteed to benefit from the introduction of complimentary reds. The diversity of greens won’t leave your space looking like you wish Christmas was 364 days a year, as opposed to one.

If you are a fan of greens in the accent role, simply swap your proportions of reds with greens, to showcase those fresh green accents.

Complete the perfect  room with elemental green accents, like pillows!

Green-themed Design Legacy Pillows