Color Trends 2012 / 2013 – Benjamin Moore Color Pulse – FLOW

Brace Yourselves – Today we take take the gloves off and go to the mattresses for color inspiration.

Flow Color Group from Benjamin Moore’s Color Pulse 2013 color predictions

Before putting on the gloves to take on the FLOW palette (above), let’s take a closer look at what’s going on in the general population with color use. Here are the top-searched colors on Benjamin Moore’s website!

It seems that a color intervention is in order….

OK, I will concede that HC-4, HC-172, and HC-143 are designer staples. They are amongst the colors that work reliably in many design schemes. Note however, that all these colors are again, historical colors – an ode to our week’s continuing theme – all trends are historical reinventions! But our forefathers were no color prudes. The men and women who sailed from England to build the foundations for The USA were trail blazers in every sense of the word, as evidenced (left) at Mt. Vernon. In his heyday, when the father of our country was not leading the nation, or troops to battle, he was at the forefront of the latest trends. Mt. Vernon was a study in the latest and hottest trends of the day, and George was obsessed with appearances, finessing a budget that did not become his champagne aesthetic by commissioning a tromp loi’el exterior stone facade that is heralded by architects two and a half centuries later.

Color and design endure and evolve in 2012 and beyond. If you don’t believe me, have a look at yesterday’s post about Pantone’s Fashion Color Report Fall 2012 and have another look at Ultramarine Green, which will be in wearable world-wide this fall.

Let’s go back to England to visit the color influences of some of our forefathers before talking about FLOW colors. The color inspiration comes by way of Sophie Conran, the UK’s version of Martha Stewart. Wallpaper expert Melanie Adams of explores Sophie’s sumptuous home and design aesthetic picking her brain about the 2012 trends. This largely covers wallpaper, but is really about color trends and uniting a variety of shades in one home setting. For all the stereotyping about reserve, the Brits lead the charge in couregeous use of color! Look at the FLOW palette (above) and keep these bright tones fresh in your mind as you watch the video – particularly the ode to FLOW shade reminiscent of Flow’s Melrose Pink!

[brightcove vid=760704496001&exp3=8385892001&surl=,AAAAAfPRcgk~,gqUyT1d58wbazUyNaA_9Kd16Zt-qBa4D&w=486&h=412]

Now, everyone who purchased one of those beige wall colors have a look at shades of FLOW and Pantone combined in a modern British tribute to Ultramarine Green and Flow’s Varsity Greens 756 and hang on to your socks:

A Modern  Saturated Living Room design beside color from Pantone and Benjamin Moore’s Color Pulse 2013

The room above throws the 60/30/10 rule (and several others) to the wind, creating a design that features 90% saturated color. Most of you may never even consider using or living with this level of saturated color or become the US President – but consider a differently balanced proportion.

Sophie Conran’s bubble gum pink kitchen – image from The Telegraph UK, Food and Wine section in contrast with Flow and the same saturated palette reversed

In art school they made us sit about doing gradient scales above our grey scale drawings – it works with color:

A gradient pink scale

The result of using gradients or smaller percentages of saturated Flow colors looks more like this:

Sophie Conran’s palette beside room designs that incorporate gradients of FLOW colors. room images from Diigo and

Which coming all the way back home to the point, shows how to add color and create with trends (which are never all that new or unknown) to create a mix that defines your home, whether you are the father of the country, or a weekend warrior – TRY SOME COLOR!

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