Color Trends 2011 – 2012 – Color Made Easy

Peacock and Chrome Yellow dominate one great color palette of many – images from Color Made Easy Magazine

Looking for color inspiration for Fall? You’re not alone – while renovation projects may be winding down with the onset of cooler weather, painting and re-design projects are on everyone’s mind. Of the four seasons, Fall is entertaining central, comprising the high traffic holidays – Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, and more. Already September is flashing by – this could not be a better to to sit back and imagine those cosmetic changes that transform your space into the Holiday go-to spot you envision.

I LOVE the current issue of Color Made Easy Magazine.

Color Made Easy Magazine, Fall/Winter 2011 issue

It’s a bi-annual publication, comprising the research, trial and error of color experts who have done all the leg work for you – at $12.95, it’s worth it’s weight in gold. If you don’t feel like running to your local grocery or book store, grab your credit card and click or paste the below into your browser:;jsessionid=714379FD8A875D0661DFDA5F4581E941.ns101-e03?productId=500621987

Mod Fall Color with KoKo Company – Color Made Easy Magazine

Remember, while color gurus have done all the work to compile 58 fail-safe color palettes that usually work, remember that research always has it’s limits. The color experts didn’t test these lovely palettes in your space, and may not have used a comparable light source. Designers at large have been hoarding incandescent light bulbs, because we all hate the new fluorescents, but they are soon to be a fact of life and living.

Take that jewel palette to the paint store, and get test samples to paint on a WHITE background on your wall. Do this mid-week, so you can live with the colors until the weekend when you’re able to paint. I have said allot that it’s just paint, but while the $28 may not be a painful loss, your time is irreplaceable. If your life is anything like mine, time precious and at a premium. This simple expedient will save time, and money better spent on a latte and a great book!