Color Inspiration – Smelling The Roses at Corning Glass

I am back from having taken some unfortunate time to coalesce last week, and boy am I behind! I thought I gear up for all the holiday ideas to come by  sharing some literally timeless color inspiration from a recent trip to the Corning Museum of Glass, as we all recover from all that turkey and pie.

Glass is one of the best places to look for accent color to translate into your space, whether pillows and lamps or ideas for Holiday table stories.

Pressed Glass from Corning Museum’s colection

What goes around comes around – pressed glass was created to make glass affordable to everyone. What is intriguing is how this vintage color palette has been resurrected to a prominence in so many home accents in today’s tough economy – but challenges aside, this palette of Cobalt, Aubergine, Citrine, Gold and Taupe is a timeless classic!

Corning’s amazing collection of snuff bottles.

Collections cane be a focal and unifying part of any design. Click on the image above to see it in detail! Snuff may not be a function to incorporate into a healthy life style, but vintage Chinese, and Japanese snuff bottles are miracles of detail and design.

Amazing diorama in glass

Glass artists take details to the extreme, creating detail intensive works of art whose practical creation is mind numbing to imagine…

A beaded Glass Tray

Boxes made of glass beads

Vintage printed soda bottles with soda still contained are time capsules of decades where rest and recreation omitted texting, gaming, facebook or even mobile conversation – yet the language of color was spoken by all.

Vintage printed soda bottles

Color is everywhere at corning, and it never stops amazing me that one material can be so versatile with so many applications!

Sulphur and Red Glass

What a gorgeous palette!

Prisms embedded in glass

The expressions of glass over the millennial also amaze, from contemporary, to Byzantine Empire, Roman artifacts. and even the head from the staff of an ancient Egyptian Pharaoh!

An etherial floating gown of glass

Cobalt Glass Table made for a sultan

Roman Glass

A sleek Roman Design

Byzantine Glass

A Falcon head from a Pharaoh’s septor

This emerald green chandelier looks like something out of Oz’s Emerald City…

Emerald Glass Chandelier

The tour begins and ends with this installation by Dale Chihuli, whose glass installations sparkle in many of my color dreams.

A Peridot-color glass installation by glass artist extraordinaire, Dale Chihuly