Color Forecast 2012 – Trends in Real Living

Last evening I looked at the image of the color palette for the Spring/Summer 2012 forecast, trying to imagine what to do with this in a real life design. I realized that if I were not immersed in color trends and products on a daily basis – I might find these a bit daunting.

Side by side, they appear to have little in common, and viewed out of context (and as a collection) they may seem intimidating. Here are some practical ways to get inspired and break it down to fit your style.

There’s very little that is truly untried, untested or brand new in decorating. All you need to do is look around you to divine some inspiration. To prove it, I buzzed through some past “Design Star” images. For anyone who has missed it,  HGTV’s selects design contestants who are challenged to demonstrate their acumen in new and avant guard applications to win their own show. Have a look at one of last season’s efforts below; doesn’t this color palette seem familiar?

A room from Design Star that incorporates all the 2012 forecast colors!

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That’s because it incorporates nearly all the Color Trends 2012 palette:

Here’s another room I happened across via a brief search:

image from