Color and Beyond – is pink REALLY invisible?

shootfactory pink room – image via

Pink is a color accustomed to disparagement – it’s the Goldilocks of colors, standing alone (notwithstanding its illegitimate sibling, purple) in the face of less than constructive critique – too feminine, too childlike…too adolescent….the stereotypes go on. Poor pink!

To add insult to injury, pink has been rendered invisible as color in the visible spectrum of light, per an opening line in a completely unrelated article of a much more titillating nature – The research team in the department of physics at UC Santa Barbara happened upon 11 new colors created as a by product of of an experiment that aimed a pair of lasers; one high and one low-frequency at a slab of semiconductor material referred to as “a gallium arsenide nanostructure”.

Don’t leave! You are still at the right blog – this is 11 never before seen colors!

To a color fanatic, this makes the annual Pantone releases comparable to a movie on demand in contrast! I have been reading everything I can find, short of purchasing the abstract which I am smart enough to know that I will be unable to comprehend…but I am dying to see these new shades!

Ok, Back to Pink, as a figment of our collective impression:


Even in defense of pink, it’s status as a by product of white light devoid of green, cannot be refuted. Click here and See for yourself:

An Interactive Color Vision Simulation via PhET

This is the part that can be confusing – yes, pink stands guilty as charged of being a figment of the brains perception. As Minute Physics states – a” combination of neural trickery—our brains strip green out of the spectrum to fill in for pink” – or red and blue at opposite ends of the rainbow, filling the brain’s gap in perceptual logic as pink – Aren’t red and blue supposed to make purple? Is everything we learned in grade school wrong – not merely selective historical rhetoric, like Columbus discovering America?

But no one taught blackbody color temperature in elementary school.

black body spectrum temperature simulation of the sun

I see pink…so wouldn’t that fuchsia be at the meeting of the minds if you rolled our sun’s color spectrum blackbody temperature into a tube? Not really – because not every tool is a hammer……The blackbody spectrum is not a cylinder.

Taken from The University at Colorado State, the image below is supposed to show, as accurately as possible on a computer screen, how the color of a radiating blackbody varies with its temperature.

The blackbody color range of the sun. image via

But what pink is he talking about? Could this terrible accusation be true? Pink princesses everywhere are hallucinating?

Color is expressed in Kelvin temperature.  The two vertical bars of color at each end of the color chart are the colors at zero and infinite temperature. The image above is an example described in the article body as “pink light represented on a curve”. The study’s author confessed to be a little disappointed at the high temperature readings. ” I was hoping that the color there would be more violet” poor purple – still illegitimate – and pink is still invisible, at least on my screen…

Has this discovery turned millions of little girl’s and teen rooms on their ear?

Mother Nature decoupage glass plate, spring flowers, daisies, garden, unique home decor on Etsy

Maybe….but pink is a figment of the imagination that a great many designers have lovingly embraced.

Another Katie Ridder Bedroom! This one in this week’s House Beautiful’s Newsletter

…and it did have its moment in the sunn in 2011, when Pantone crowned honeysuckle color of the year…

A pink teen room featuring an Amy Butler motif that I would live in, by Ashley Goodwin.

Princesses and teens unite under that stunning invisible pink banner in pride – and enjoy all those hallucinatory sunsets for many years to come!

Find loads of highly visible pink at!

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and those of you who express princess love with your hands, might love Amy Butler’s guide to sewing brightly colored poofs of pink purple and beyond…

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Never be afraid to love any and all colors that express your individual style!