Christmas 2011 – Wreaths that Welcome

It never fails – ere a Christmas goes by that does not find me racing to decorate in the middle of the month.

Bohemian or Victorian? Wreaths look fantastic suspended from chandeliers; my compliments to Maison Decor!

I love wreaths because they are like mini-art installations, conveying a vignette of the personality of the sense of inhabitant who chose it, much as the similarity frequently remarked on about the similarity between dog owners and their choice of dog. A wreath is like a little personality capsule of you that welcomes guests and shares your style. It’s fun to look at wreaths, and paint a mental picture of the person who would have chosen a particular style!

At Christmas we are all out searching for that unique and one-of-a-kind statement. I thought I would step out of my own shop today to take a virtual shopping trip with you over at Etsy, and share my favorite wreaths with you! My style is pretty eclectic, spanning many style niches. But the common thread is that every year I make a point of designing with unexpected colors, adding some beaded garland, candles and some well-placed home spun designs courtesy of my household of emergent designers. The price points of my favorites are as diverse as their styles ranging from $6.75 up to a few hundred dollars, so no one needs to be left out! – Grab your cocoa and follow me – there’s so much to see and no time to waste!

…in no particular order…..

Pink, Purple & Blue Christmas Wreath

Love the oval shape, and color palette! It’s $150 at

Green Christmas Ornaments Wreath

Same store slightly more at $195- love the metallic green and Bohemian collection of items – check out the little troll!

Yarn Christmas Wreath with felt flowers

Purple was the real color of 2011 – I have seen a fabulous array of purple ornaments this year! Perfect at $20 for the purple-lover you love: =

Christmas Wreath Squirrel Christmas Swag Simple Snowy Winter Door Decoration

At $99 this little guy evokes the image of a winter wonderland and offers an organic shape to spice up that traditional New England vibe.

Holiday Wreath Felted Wool Ball Wreath

I am a sucker for the look and colors of felted wool! It’s a fun and unique departure from your traditional fare, and can be country cottage, Bohemian or artsy. You can even add some of your own glass balls is sparkle is a must. It rings in at $180.

Yarn wrapped wreath with handmade felt flowers in beautiful fall/winter colors – “Quartz”

Tis the season for texture, and at $50 there’s room in the budget for plenty of it, with just a pinch of glam!

Polka dot yarn wreath- home decor, girls room

This untraditional wreath would be immediately traditional pinned on a tweed jacket – but it is unexpected and marvelous on a door, and money well spent at just $37!

Succulent Vertical Living Wall Art Kit Buy this or we can make custom sizes.

Both Rustic and living, this wreath is perfect for those of you accompanying us on our virtual wreath shopping trip from the South West to West states, and should be hardy in your temperate zones – a great buy, too, at $65.

Purple Clematis Origami Paper Wreath

Origami is the perfect choice for a door behind a storm door, and not directly exposed to sunlight or the elements – and at $50 this one offers expert craftsmanship, a sublime color palette, and a great price!

Pink Rose Origami Paper Wreath

At a little over twice the price, this wreath is a bit more of a luxury, combining seasonal color with paper roses – even at $120 I would be thrilled to demonstrate my style with this beauty!

Aqua Wreath with Upcycled Felt Flower: Hippie Hideaway

As a not-so closet Bohemian, I love the fact that this crafter up-cycled the flower, almost as much as I love a turquoise color palette at the holidays – and at $17 it’s a no-brainer! Love the sparkling silver wreath hook, too….

SALE Christmas Shabby BEACH COTTAGE vintage ornament wreath ooak

Speaking of recycling and shabby-chic, this work of art is an investment at $109 – I am not sure you could buy all these vintage ornaments for this cost, let alone the labor involved! If you don’t buy it, I will…

Christmas candy wreath

A wreath you can eat! I love these – my mom used to make these from Brach’s candies every year for her whole family – at $90 you save your manicure and some very sore fingers!

26″ Paper Yellow Wreath

At only $50, I find myself dying to try a color theme based on canary yellow, chrome black (as opposed to silver or gold) and acid green – if you try this, please share your results!

Paper Quilled Snowflake Wreath

This sweet wreath offers traditional elements with a twist, made of paper and ribbon at only $15.99 – what’s not to love! Grab your VISA –

1930’s Art Deco Die Cut Bridge tally Christmas theme wreath with candles

A sweet reminder of Christmas past, this Deco Vintage decoration is perfect for that vintage themed holiday party, and leaves plenty of room in the budget for good eats, at only $6.75.

The Valencia Wreath Chic Christmas

Ringing in at only $26, this cute combo of folded paper and yarn opens the door for a silver, gold and white theme very close to some of the color trend paint palettes we have seen in 2011.

16 inch Worry Doll Tree of Life Wall Hanging

Feliz Navidad is fun and stylishly expressed at only $46 in this tree-shaped wreath of worry dolls!

Christmas Wreath Winter Decor EARLY WINTER SNOW Bittersweet Vine and Bird Wreath

A bit of rustic country never goes amiss at Christmas, particularly at $26.95! In case it is not obvious, I favor wreaths without bows!

Christmas Bird Wreath

Ok, I have very few absolutes – I love this cute and funky wreath, bow and all only $35. A great family find; kids will love it as much as the adults!

SALE Alpine Winter Yarn Wreath

More up-cycling! This Fair Isle sweater is having a stylish after-life at $35!

Crimson Berry Christmas Window

Rustic, charming, and in an unexpected shape (my favorite kind) here is a winter wreath that can out-live Christmas and welcome you and yours until spring favors us in the new year – all at $67

We have shopped until we have virtually dropped – thanks for sharing and I hope you had fun!

A chandelier from our Bohemian Lighting Collection