Painting Trends – Candice Olson’s New Paint Collection!

Candice Olson color collection – images from Benjamin Moore Paints

Yes, all of you Candice Olson Divine – Tell All fans; TV design diva Candice Olson has a new collection of paints, in partnership with Benjamin Moore!

The colors are what you would expect from Candice – 60 classic, and timeless colors, with all but four being arguably neutral shades. They work very well for Candice, and anyone else who uses them for the same reasons I outlined in the Shades of Gray That “Wow” article – they are colors that have a proportionately a lot of black, and are greyer tones. Gray is the fundamentalist of neutrals, maintaining nearly identical distributions of Red, Green and Blue ratios that make them the Geneva Convention of neutrals.

Check out Candice’s 5 favorite shades to see this color trick at work:

Candice Olson’s 5 favorite Benjamin Moore Colors and their RGB distributions

Benjamin Moore Caliente AF-290, from their Candice Olson collection.

This is the diametric opposite of colors that are in the brighter, more dramatic or jewel-tone range.

Generally speaking, the brighter the shade, the more separation between the scales of RGB distribution – much more so than AF-290, which has a lot of black in the mix.

But here are Candice’s own thoughts on her favorite shades:


And there you have it – I can certainly see the appeal. I can tell you just from a blogging stand point, that other than the Pantone Home + Interiors annual color predictions, that the most of you return in droves to the articles that offer suggestions on the most effective ways to use neutrals, particularly grays, and white rooms. In TV, we all know that it’s all about what the audience likes to see – show it or go home from a networks standpoint…

And the results speak for themselves; check out this windowless basement re-do! ( and yes, I am showing a basement episode in ode to my recent basement fixation)

Before –

Before basement picture – image via – image from Fusion Television


After image via – Photo by Brandon BarrĂ©

Love the faux windows! And Candice’s palette is remarkably similar to the one I first proposed for the Green remodel I am doing:

Mural inspiration for a basement remodel color palette

Bats at The Library by Brian Lies

And yet….don’t get me wrong – I love Candice! But the color group as a whole reminds me a line I must have read a thousand times from my little boy’s then favorite bed time story; Bats at the Library (by Brian Lies).

….”All that sameness makes us blue and makes us wish for something new….

I remember a times before all that fabulous branding when the colors were so much more diverse – in the beginning when Divine Design was just taking off.

I would love to love to see an entire season of Candice showing everyone the potential for living with color in stereo and how to make it work!

For those of you who are groaning and covering your eyes, I will be back tomorrow with some product suggestions to get that Candice Olson vibe, armed with your new Benjamin Moore color palette!

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close up of a Currey Chandelier at