Candice Olson’s Designs – 12 Ways To Get The Look!

Candice Olson color collection – images from Benjamin Moore Paints

Want to get that Candice Olson vibe in your Divine Space?

It’s not that hard to design like a Diva! This week I shared Candice’s new Paint collection, and color is the foundation for all else. The design convention is 60/30/10 when considering color distribution for your design plan. I don’t love this rule because it leaves out ceilings and floors which are lost color opportunities in this equation but let’s go with it for now. Getting Candice’s signature design look requires embracing allot of design conventions, with some unexpected deviation from the rule book in every room.

To get with the formula, here are 12 ways to get the look at home – it’s not magic, just good solid basics of design:

1. 90% of Candice’s rooms are developed on a neutral foundation (as discussed in how-to detail on Tuesday). The first step is already done for you – she’s given you the palette!

Candice Olson kitchen with pecan-color hardwood floors – image via

2. Candice’s rooms almost invariably utilize wood or wood look floors, and they are frequently in the Pecan range and are often hand scraped, even in faux via vinyl applications.

Teen friendly basement by Candice Olson – image via pichomezcom

3. Built ins – yes, if you are coming back, I added this. I do the blog really late at night, and lay in bed for some time re-thinking what I have committed to cyberspace that day – and nearly all her rooms have built-ins! Her built-ins are frequently mirrored to create the illusion of space, depth, and a bit of glamor as well.

Built ins don’t have to be custom. A handy DIY’er can self install cleverly stacked cabinetry from big-box stores like Lowe’s or Home Depot. If you can do this, go ahead, but hire a carpenter to do the finishing – particularly with wide crown moldings. You need a compound sliding miter saw for this (don’t get the cheapest one; you won’t be able to change the blade) and it requires fairly advanced finishing skills. But if you want to give it a shot, buy extra footage to cut small pieces with which to discover the true corner angles of your room – this saves a ton of design dollars!

If you have an older home, and your floors are not level, don’t try this yourself! It means your corners will not be plumb (off- square). Use floating shelves instead, with low profile puck lights underneath if you want to get that up-scale finesse!

4. This should have been #1 – Candice Olson rooms invariably involve every possible manner of lighting – recessed, task, low profile, lamp, floor lamps, chandeliers, pendants, theater floor-base lighting, even ambient tub lighting – and I’m sure I’ve left some out!

Candice Olson_kitchen – image via refreshdesign.wordpress

5.  Candice Olson’s hard surface of choice is invariably Silestone. She uses the white most frequently; the mushroom tone is the runner up.

Candice Olson Living room – image via HGTV

Shiner Pendant from MyHomeFaceLift

6. Lighting almost always incorporates, and frequently mixes some crystal and organic inspired lighting pieces. Note the unexpected organic branch table lamp, that mimics the shape of the flames in that modern gas fireplace! Even if you don’t have $3K for that funky lamp, but you can get the look:

A seashell lamp from MyHomeFaceLift

7. Candice uses allot of organic influence in her palette and interior decor elements – loads of beautiful stone, white birch wall-paper and installations, organic lighting and more. This seashell lamp has several colors from her paint collection, courtesy of mother nature.

Speaking of stone, the lamp below is made of the same 3form stone and resin she used as tile on a fireplace in one memorable episode of Divine Design.

Candice’s rooms almost always contain a sectional that is divine both in comfort and style.

Candice Olson attic bedroom – image via HGTV

8. She’s big on mixing it up with fabrics and pillows! Mix small and large prints, textures, and finishes – Candice never walks away from a fabric with a hint of sparkle!

Some Designers Guild Pillows in Candice Colors

9. Every room has something unexpected, like the wood wall installation below.

Candice Olson via Prettyhaus blog

10. With an emphasis on feature walls, art, and frequently murals in place of art.

Candice Olson Mural from Murals Your Way – image via

11. In Divine Design or Candice Tells All, God is in the details!

A kid’s room detail – Candice Olson via

Use the color palette you see here to cast the details that set the stage for Divine Designs of your own!

Photography – “Journey in Blue – simply hue Etsy Store

Pink MAGNOLIAS – simply hue Etsy shop

Blue Raspberry Swirls Glass Knob Hardware

A crystal Pendant Candice used in a dining room makeover, available soon at MyHomeFaceLift.

What can you do with grey-neutrals?

12 And floors – area rugs are a way of adding pattern in large or small scale that can be reinvented by rolling the rug up when you want to change your look. Candice Olson uses area rugs pick up on the tonality of all the non-wall elements – she favors traditional rugs, but anything in the palette up top will work to create the look…

Eberson Rug – Designers Guild – MyHomeFaceLift

Go forth and be design Divinely!