Candice Olson Design – On a Budget!

Candice Olson living-room – image via HGTV

Ok, this is the last ode to Candice Olson how-to article that I am doing for a bit – but having had time to reflect during the more difficult than expected prep for a cement pour in that Green DIY basement make-over I have undertaken (yes, I am actually lugging 80 lb bags of cement around) it came to me that not all my suggestions for getting Candice’s signature look were democratic. After all, I took on this DIY basement to show what can be done within the constraints of a low budget. In that same spirit, I decided I should make some suggestions available for everyone who loves that champagne look on a big-box budget.

It can be really hard to find quality decor elements under a certain price point, but a bit of creativity and a thoughtful mix between big-box and e-sources can go along way – so I did some window shopping for you!

Let’s begin with a reference point – Candice Olson’s new Benjamin Moore Paints we reviewed last week provide the neutral foundation that sets the stage. Benjamin Moore Regal retails at about $28 and spreads these yummy colors over your walls, ceilings or floors like Greek yogurt for walls!

Here are some tips that should work at any budget in any room:

1. When picking out wall elements like mirrors, be careful not to over-decorate – stick with your palette!

Here is a mirror by Made Goods (left for $2,950) that would probably have Candice in a cold sweat – but on the Right this Home Goods mirror at $69.99 lacks the complexity in shape and materials, but sticks with the palette offering that organic elegance at an accessible price.

Made Goods vs Home Goods – image left via Made Goods website

2. Success at Big Box and price gaugers requires two attributes – persistence and a good eye. et’s see if we can narrow it down to persistence…

Dining Chairs at Home Goods

Bargain hunting requires being there at the right time. Any given day can be bust or bonanza, and no time to mull it over – if it’s good it’s gone! Generally speaking, August – September is the best time to snag good decor deals…but beware. If you don’t have money to burn, consider your use and the durability of the piece you like. Are the joints tight? Will the cat ruin the fabric? Are there wrinkles at the piping or on the arms or seats? This will only get worse.

Here are a pair of dining chairs that my no so smart phone blurred – but anyone can see that these are a good deal at $99 each.

3. Candice’s signature always includes great lighting options! Doing it on less takes some imagination – like this sweet custom Polaroid table lamp for $45 on Jersey Maids Etsy Store.

Cherry Blossom Light – Glass Polaroid Photo Table Lamp – jerseymaids

My trip to Home Goods also netted some Candice worthy table lamps – like this mercury glass candle-stick lamp with a bit of metallic glint in the tall cone shade for under $30.

Mercury glass candle stick lamp with tall shade from Home Goods

or this glass cylinder lamp with postage stamp shade for under $50.

Glass cylinder lamp with postage stamp shade from Home Goods

But if this still feels like it’s too pricey, look through your local thrift store and focus on white…

White, shabby chic, up cycled lamp base with raised floral design – theandsuchshop etsy store

and if the shade has seen better days, try a shade sleeve for $21.95!

DRESSASHADE from Etsy – slipcover lampshade

Even Big Box stores offer some chic solutions, particularly with an update via a $3 can of spray paint – this chandelier from Home Depot spray painted white would impress Candice herself -particularly at a cost of $99.00!

Wrought iron chandelier with crystal bling from Home Depot

Speaking of crystal, try to avoid chackas, but a bit of crystal never goes astray in a Divine Room!

Crystal candlesticks from Home Goods under $20 each

This crystal giraffe would be an unexpected yet cohesive addition to the mix of different shaped crystal candlesticks, at under $15.

A crystal giraffe from Home Goods

It can be challenging to find great pillows at less than $50 – but with a good eye and persistence deals are out there…Sticking with crisp, clean classic lines nets that Candice effect:

Black and white -Decorative throw pillow – Ampersand – gracioushome etsy store – $25

This bird cage image comes with custom choices at under $20 on Etsy – pick your fabric and print colors!

Bird cage pillow – Gracious Home

Dark Pink velvet round pillow – original boutique on Etsy $33

Try throwing in something unexpected but related – bird cage / feather, for example!

Plush Feather Pillow. Large. Woodblock Printed. Customizable colors – Laura Frisk on Etsy $24

Glass cupboard doors create both opportunities and challenges! Switch out just 1 cupboard with glass display doors and paint white or black. Stock your display space with budget-friendly metallic kitchen jewelry:

Nautilus Square dinnerware at Home Goods

or peacock cups for under $5 each

Peacock porcelain cups at Home Goods

Wall art is the easiest place to go wrong on a budget! The easiest way to stay on target is to stick to the safety of neutral watermark architectural paintings (that stick with your palette) like the one below, strong black and white photographs in black frames, or framed fabrics.

Wall Art from Home Goods

Remember, design is not about $$$ – it’s about creativity, color, and a unified vision. Combined with classical principles you and your design always comes out a winner on any budget – and the prize is the way you feel each evening when you walk through the door!

Stop by MyHomeFaceLift for loads of inspiration for your next shopping trip!