Bring Pantone’s Spring/Summer Color Forecast To Your Home

So here they are – The color stars for 2012! I have been buried in our efforts to bring some great new product to the mix, so here’s a preview of our preparations for summer.

Honeysuckle has not relinquished its title of color of the year, but some of the new shades are welcome contenders to not only drive fresh new color palettes, but also to introduce exciting surfaces and textures to the Home Decor mix…but I am still drawing parallels between the houses of fashion and interior design. Setting your own trends and making them work is after all, at the heart of great design!

Some Exciting Colors for 2012 – Russet, Oranges and Chrome Yellow!

On the heals of announcements of the exciting color trends for 2012, everyone is gearing up to put a face on the best of what the market has to offer – hot groups of colors, texture, and surfaces ranging from matte to sinuously high-gloss in the year to come. I have had blog-neglect guilt as we have been preparing to load some 500 new selections in bedding, pillows and area rugs, in vibrant and jewel – like colors. Some of the pillows remind me of Gauguin paintings!

A Designers Guild Pillow in Amazing shades of Turquoise, Sulfer, and matt black and grey

I have honed in on some of the trends that I feel have the greatest potential for broadcasting style in a way that delivers a 1-2 impact offering both style and the ambiance of home.

I loved the joyful and unapologetic energy of trend toward Russet and Chili-pepper reds mixed with Terracotta, as seen above in in-coming Design Legacy furnishings and rich russet pillows. If you throw some Turquoise accents into the mix, you get an energetic palette whose color origins inspired ancient Romans, who left us a tragic snap shot of their exuberant color palettes in the form of the ash entombed ancient resort city of Pompeii, in Italy…

Tromp Loi’el Painted Wall in Pompeii, Italy – dressed for today’s clay & russet trend

Proving yet again, that what is new are just great looks rediscovered!

The surfaces and textures are also amongst my favorite parts of the design story for 2012. The combination of matt finish, and transparency is a recipe for design romance (as seen above left). I love the floating and airy vibe of glass and lucite accent pieces, like this gorgeous lamp that will be making a debut on MyHomeFaceLift next month. Lighting Designer Ann Yancy knocked this floor lamp out of the park. The Pantone forecast’s chrome yellow is combined with matt semi-opaque chrome yellow beads that appear to float atop the lucite column.

Ro Sham Beaux’s worn, textured surface of bound fibers punctuate russet glass beading that emulate the shape of chili peppers!

This pendant offers the color and shape of chili peppers, and the play of matt and transparency

 Stayed tuned for more amazing color and welcoming style!