Benjamin Moore Paint – White Rooms

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Benjamin Moore paint may be a funny association for turning back the clock – but as shortened daylight and deepening darkness beg for light white rooms have their merits! While the leap back adds a merciful hour of sleep, it does little to raise the spirits – and no one knows more about light and bright design to chase away the dark winter doldrums than folks who call the Netherlands home.

Benjamin Moore (amongst my favorite mid-range paint sources) published a list of their favorite whites, so I thought I might combine some light and bright paint color with inspirational designs coming out of The Netherlands.

Benjamin Moore has put out a list of self-appoint favorite whites that meet the mark of tried and true wall color picks. If you look at the list below and are talking to your screen right now, asking whether or not I am color blind I can assure you that the colors below are all facets of white. There are hundreds of whites, and only when you place them side-by-side do the variations become this obvious.

Benjamin Moore Paint – Whites

While loads of people are deeply envious of white spaces, they are equally reticent about expressing their muse, intimidated by the perceived maintenance. The truth is that glossy paint (or a couple of coats of water-base polyurethane with a lambs-wool applicator) make white walls a breeze to clean. Let’s face it – it’s allot harder to keep surfaces clean that conceals dirt. With flu season upon us, clean surfaces take on new priority and hidden bacteria are nobody’s friend.

Benjamin Moore Paints

Mixing up shades of white with a variety of textures brightens your design and adds subtle and rich sophistication.


Bare and weathered woods in concert with white create instant harmony, allowing these elements to bring out the best in one another.


Simple forms in shades of white create unexpected dimensionality, adding not only brightness but interest to any design – often on a pleasing budget as well!

White gets a real snap from the introduction of black in combination with texture. Ink prints or black and white pillows take on a new presence.

Organic elements like simple branches, votives,

and metallics; particularly gold for its warmth – add jewelry to any space.

not from The Netherlands, but a US Stylish white room with gold jewelry –

Everyone has seen some form of this heavy lifeless cabinetry, left over from the signature of ’70’s design. Check out the images below, to see how House of Ideas blog in Denmark transformed a room with a bit of sanding and white-wash combined with simplistic white elements to turn this space from lack-luster to completely inviting!

A crisp white grey and black geometric is ultra-modern and eye-catching in a timeless and effortless manner.


Carrera marble is white’s best friend. Whether in a kitchen, fireplace facade, shower surround or floor or a coffee table top carrera and white are a match made in heaven.

A guest room can be made magical for the holidays, no matter what the size with no more effort than white paint, some fairly lights and a bit of crystal – just lovely!

I don’t have a source on this image, because I was language impaired! If you know, please share!

White and metallic accents are stylish friends that never quarrel; here are a few accents that may work for your design in cottage, contemporary or the best of more than one style; just click the link below each image to check it out:

A mural from