Art Trends 2012 – Yarn Bombing – Guerilla Knits

Knit texture is huge, and guerilla yarn installations are the latest art trend – image from Benjamin Moore Color Pulse 2013 webinar

Style foot soldiers who read yesterday’s year to come trend manifesto, and will tune in Tuesday afternoon for Pantone’s eagerly awaited take on Fall 2012 Trends may need a well earned breath of R&R in between….

To this end, allot of pretty esoteric nonsense crosses my desk proclaiming the debut of each new year in style (a year in advance). Some of it takes my breath away; still more makes my eyes roll, but some it just makes me smile – like yarn bombing :-) Yarn bombing is not for any Granny I know – this guerrilla war against art and design (and a whole lot of other things) that take it all too seriously is gaining ground (and above ground) world-wide. I can’t quite fathom its call to battle. Contenders might be — if you don’t agree with it, knit it – if you can’t change it knit it, or maybe just “it’s not knitted yet”.

There are all kinds of great reasons to yarn bomb pretty much anything….here are just a few:

photo by laurie sims

Because it’s more fun than being boiled…

new york yarn bomb bike

because my neighbor’s coconut macaroons feel so much better than fitness…

knitta please magda sayeg bus

Because it fixes everything that is wrong with public transit…

magda sayeg yarnbomb

Because it’s softer than concrete…

Philadelphia bombing

Because there’s already too much testosterone in the world…

magda sayeg yarn-bombed stairs

Because we need a reason to climb…

Phonebox Cosy image via Knit the City. Image copyright: Lauren O’Farrell

Any reason to lose the smart phone sometimes is a good reason…

Cooper bombing

because there is not an air bag that can save you in this size car…

VW yard bombing

because I hate that “punch bug no punch back” thing my kids do in the car!

Serious arachnid bombing

Because Spider Man should be doing this on Broadway…

wall street yarn bombing

Because idle hands on wall street went poorly…

Tanky Blanky

Because this never ever helps.

from Street Art Utopia

Just because.

For lots more yarn bombing fun, check out Magna Sayeg’s Knitta Please and for the Goth version,

Also, Lauren O’Farrell’s’s fabulous site at: Lauren O’Farrell

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