American Style!

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Co-mingled red, white and blue image from Pinterest – Rachel Thompson; How to Smoke on a Plane by Alex Hubbard, thanks once again to Lisa Hewitt

Today is the day to celebrate American Style, by getting to the poles and supporting the system that upholds hearth and home!

Our nation’s limited palette offers unlimited potential to those who can imagion all the possibilities.

I don’t know an unopinionated designer, because it’s such an oximoron, really. If you find your comfort zone stationed firmly on the fence, it would be difficult to defend the merits of a design vision to a client who is not yet aware that you are offering all that they are as yet unaware they want and need.

With all that conviction to lobby it is important to emember that great design is really all about restraint.

It is diificult to surpress opinions at times, but I work hard to create a safe forum that is not opinionated, condescending or judgmental. I hope that everyone (or rather those readers that call the US home) exercise the one occasion we are afforded to be equal and get out there with your opinions and vote today!

In our conviction to express our colors (or opinions) let’s all endevor not to allow our limited palette to prevent us from respecting appreciating one another’s color choices. All colors have something to offer. Bue looks lovelier contrasted by white.

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mage vis Design Sponge

And the potential of red is thrown into its sharpest relief with neutral support.

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The fact is that the best American Style is always the result of a creative and ecclectic mix that brings red, and blue together by the colorless acceptance of white….

image via Elle Decor

Within every limited palette exists the potential for variation, achieved through diverse views that allow one color group to serve so many different color stories that transcend indivdual preferences and points of view.

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So get out today and express your American Style, whether red, blue, or decidedly white and come back to often to enjoy design that always includes the value of all palettes, points of view, and the best of all design styles.

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My own vision of our nation’s limited palette, from my Pinterest Board of free photography for all!