The 3 things in life really that matter to me most are my family, Design, and cappuccino (the order of these changes daily). I love great design so much that I changed my life around to co-found an online business called MyHomeFaceLift.com.  I formerly owned a business that sold childrens product to Walt Disney theme parks and natural history museums, and my background is in fine arts and design.

The goal of Re-Do it Design is to combine Interior Design, some fine arts and building know how, and a deep pool of design resources to help you re-think, re-do and resolve all those barriers between you and loving your home. Design defines how you feel about yourself. The logic of how design functions has a profound impact on your quality of daily life and the precious time you spend at home.

It doesn’t matter if your budget is lacking some zero’s or if the only tool you know how to use is a VISA. There will be something here for everyone who loves design. Enjoy!