4th of July Place Settings and Cake!

image from Lookoloos photo stream on Flickr

Happy Independence Day!

The 4th of July is allot like Thanksgiving, with the added benefit of eating outdoors and firework displays! Creating picnicscapes sets the tome for patriotic celebration, and great conversation starters for entertaining.

image from Lookoloos photo stream on Flickr

Bohemian style and picnic are made to order design. Pink lemonade looks absolutely mouth-watering with ice mingled with blueberries that draw color from cobalt glass.

image from Lookoloos photo stream on Flickr

Desserts take their cue from the bold graphic design and colors chosen by our forefathers as the emblematic identity of our newly formed nation. Their emboldened design and is enigmatic colors have endured and continue to inspire great design.

image from Lookoloos photo stream on Flickr

The lines between Food and design are frequently blurred. It’s easy to argue that food preparation is design, with taste in the place of utility. This is certainly true of the fabulous cake I found, and it’s remarkable (then) only 17-year old designer / pastry chef!

Here is the recipe for Elissa’s recipe for this gorgeous Red,White, and Blue Independence Cake (which she credits to her dad) in her own words, and her own photographed images. Watch her make the cake for New Day Northwest, a morning show here in Seattle: Get Patriotic with “17 and Baking” (video)Watch the staff of KSL 5 Television make it: Red, White, and Blue Flag Cake (video)

And finally, some readers made this cake and blogged about it. These two bloggers did a much lovelier job of explaining the cake, with photos/diagrams and everything, so if you found my description confusing, check these sites out: Delectable Deliciousness’s post and A Stove with a House Around It’s post.

Printer Friendly Version – 4th of July Flag Cake Instructions and Cream Cheese Frosting


More delectables can be found on Elissa’s blog: http://17andbaking.com/