2013 Interior Color Trends – A Vision of Your Own

I was in Home Depot the evening before color sampling the Fantasies and Realities Palettes, and stopped to admire a dish garden of succulents. their colors comprised an array of frosted jewel tones. When I saw the palette above, the spontaneous association took me to that image…

When I am presented with a color palette, whether my own or someone else’s colors, authorship of the color group and its prepackaged set of ideas are lost to the flight of fancy of my own personal interpretation. Making a “Trend” into an individual interpretation this not that difficult – just look at it and come up with your own Rorschach impression – and go for it!

The Connoisseur and Extract palettes make me think of garden succulents and antique roses. I begin to visualize design elements and the environment they evoke.

Pantone Fantasies & Realities palettes, Rosa Ebb Tide, Areaware Chrome Pig and Design Legacy Pillow

The rose inspiration came by way of reserving my favorites a couple of weeks ago on the Antique Rose Emporium’s Website.

Rosanna Glass Coasters, Currey Lamp, luxurious-living-room HTH UK, Oscar Chauvry Rose

This remarkable cast of colors, starring violet and orchid hues, supported by whispered neutrals and an array of garden fresh greens bridges that grudging gap between garden and shelter, and assuages the longing feeling of face pressed against the glass between home and garden.

Currey Lamp, gray-living-room – pinkeriecom, and antique rose from Vintage Emporium

Mixing the these palettes, both at the hearth and the curb creates an invitation to enjoy both…

Thomaspaul Rug from, Rose Paint Palette by Abby Tabak – photographed by Victoria Pearson, Currey Chandelier and Designers Guild Pillow

…and tempering the amount of color that you use with your individual tolerance, keeps the color focal or enables the full drama of a garden of roses and succulents to burst through that front door barrier.

Charisma Rose, Martha Stewart Paper Lanterns, Design Legacy Pillow

Complexity of colors, like roses and succulents are achieved by layered and texture – layers can be all at once exquisitely simple and profound in their effect. The mix below between taffy-colored ceramic bunnies, modern crystal pendants and a Venetian mirror demonstrates an ability to be sophisticated and playful and leaves the guest dieing to learn more about the designer!

SFGirl NY Loft – SFGirl by Bay blog

No loft or Venetian mirror handy? White paint and a similar palette get the look. The great thing about white is that white paint is cheap, and there is no white statement that you can make with a design element that seems over-large in scale. Some of my favorite whites are Valspar’s Clean white, and Ralph Lauren’s Sneaker White.

Dinnerware by Rosanna, Room image from SFGirlbybay

If you’re spectrum of choice is within the jewel color range of these palettes, think about velvet – I love velvets that have that succulent frosted patina finish…

Luxurious velvets – porterhousedesigns

The great thing about the Connoisseur palette is that it gives you allot of hues to choose from, from whispering pastels to rich jewel tones.

Room from porterhousedesigns, Alfred Colomb – Antique Rose Emporium, Designers Guild

Remember Gestalt in your design. The sum of the whole should be greater than the combination of its parts – like a figure skating performance is a flawless execution of a series of synchronized moves. In design is is similar – it’s an overall impression of allot of magical moments, that don’t need to break the bank – sometimes it’s as small as a trick of placement…

porterhousedesigns blog