2012 Summer Color Trends Meet Bohemian Design Trend

A Room with some Bohemian Style fixtures from HGTV’s Candice Tells All

Bohemian Design and the new color trends for 2012 are practically made for each other! Bohemian design and bright color are like a family reunion – they share a history but personalities can clash. Personal history is the focus in this room designed (above) by Candice Olson from a recent episode of HGTV’s “Candice Tells All”, working on an uncharacteristically tight budget with resplendent results. Working on a tight budget is at the heart of Bohemian design. Bohemian is a term of Czech origin (reflected in the spirit of their gorgeous collectable glass!) and is defined literally: ” a person, as an artist or writer, who lives and acts free of regard for conventional rules and practices”.

Free of conventional rules – I’m in love! Bohemian design usually involves:

  • A vintage crystal fixture
  • A wall of frames art varying in sizes
  • everyday objects repurposed in creative and inventive ways
  • using what you have and seeing it through new eyes
  • Display collections

But all that artsy disregard can give way to clutter; stacked books and chacka are also elements comon to bohemian style, and may not jive with the streamlined lifestyle dicated by today’s fast-paced lifestyle (artists march to their own drum). Here is fabulous design by Emily Henderson of HGTV’s Secrets of a Stylist:

An open-format bohemian-style dining space by Emily Henderson of HGTV’s “Secrets of a Stylist”

This is a great space demonstrates both the artistic genius and spend-thrift characteristic to bohemian style, creating focal lighting from repurposed from PVC plumbing joints and vintage collections that create a look collected over time. For all these positives, comes the not-so-practical. Take 1 of Emily’s bohemian design (not shown) featured a great boomerang patterned Formica table top (available at Lowes) showcasing a table story with vintage globes (prevalent in Bohemian design). But both table top collections take up valuable real-estate, interfering with the pure function of any dining space – eating, conversing, and passing food. You can’t fit the food into the table display! My suggestion would be to invent boundaries that contain that bohemian vibe. European nations exist in close proximity and diversity of culture and custom because they have defining Boundaries!

Bohemian Collections from my friend Nina’s home, who has been reinventing bohemia for decades!

Try confining memorabilia you have collected a vintage tray or plank of reclaimed wood that can easily moved to a shelf for meals. You can also incorporate outdoor views (both indoors and through glass exterior doors) which changes the look of your collections as the seasons change (above).Repurpose objects you love meant for other rooms or other uses as though you’re setting up a department store window story:

Bohemian and artistic creation are about reinventing the purposes of everyday objects by seeing them through new eyes, like wall hanger art! Images from sfgirlbybay blog

Bohemian always involves walls of art, which are great opportunities for infusions of that Summer 2012 Color Pallet:

Pantone spring/summer color forecast 2012 pallet

Here’s a great space (below) that includes allot of Bohemian watermarks, but may be a lot for the eye to interpret, lacking a focal point.

An energetic bohemian style living room by Kristen Buckingham

Let’s update it with some 2012 color:

Updating lighting creates a lighting focal point that’s not competing the art wall and clarifies the color story with striped pillows

1.  Add an artistic but not stuffy light source, in a tiered triangular format.

2. Pair backed the art wall to create a shape that picks up on the shape of the lighting source.

3. Removed some chachki!

4. Changed out 2 pillows to add summer 2012 colors, and pick up on the striped flag art and green lamp to create rythm.

5. Add a clean-lined mossy green grass cloth barrel lamp shade (from the summer 2012 palette) to update the lighting and relate to that distictive Designers Guild striped velvet pillow.

You can get really sparse and still keep a Bohemian vibe – the space below is stripped to nearly a minimalist environment (from one of my favorite blogs, sfgirlbybay) but keeps the basic Bohemian elements, finding its inspiration in the lavender of the summer 2012 Pantone color forecast:

Bohemian space with a lavender influence similar to the summer 2012 lavender (image from sfgirlbybay blog)

An unexpected Victorian cupboard normally used for a dining room, characteristic crystal, modern art but a cow hide lends a modern twist to this room’s modern airy vibe. The use of lavender in a living room is also unexpected, but welcoming and a creative use of color!

Print out your 2012 color palette, arrange a template of art pieces sizes on the floor to create your art wall, and check out some great Bohemian lighting choices!


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