2012 Color Trends – Imitation is Step 1

A room that feels as though it has almost made a statement – image from House To Home UK

It’s winter. It’s cold. The Internet is censored. There is every reason imaginable to wish for something new and act accordingly….but today, let’s take a design cue from the censorship. Let’s take a critical look at what we have, and how we can adapt it to create something worthy of falling in love again. Allow me to demonstrate (no pun intended) with ideas and images that fly in the face of convention and address the heart of controversy, whether the doldrums at home or the bigger issues.

Do you ever spot designs that just make you want to add, remove or simply move things around? I am struck by how many truly courageous design moments seem to be left forever on “pause” – poised for the duration at the edge of the diving board, unable to take the plunge. This can be said of many things in life…try injecting color, balance and rhythm  to take that plunge and define your space.

The room above feels like that poised diver to me. The focal red pendant is such a strong statement in shape and color that it has rendered that poor raffia wreath mute in the conversation. It is able to exchange meek small talk with the pattern on the pillow, but the conversation is brief and stilted. What if…….

The addition of an unexpected image creates balance.

The introduction of an unexpected image in the correct scale creates a dialogue that draws the eye up from the stripes, pointing to the red floral arrangement, nodding toward the bird pillow which introduces the colors and the florals in the geisha-styled woman’s headdress, caped by the modern pendant – whew! What a mouthful!

Color and shape are creating much needed interest in a pretty standard symmetrical composition – but if your taste for art has only been whetted, turn up the volume a bit more. The floral composition left, relates to the center. But the red figure relieves the absolute symmetry with humor – the nest relates to the birds, the overall round composition composition of the humorous nest image balances the bouquet on the other side of the axis. The red speaks directly to the pendant, both in terms of color and the figure looking up at the pendant in a same color red shirt.

A denser symmetry can create greater interest.

Small changes are a great way to spice up what you have, save money, and exercise those creative impulses. Art is so much when all is said and done, about imitation.

A simple change in the conversation topic between room elements can change the entire feel. There is nothing left out of this beautiful bedroom that radiates restful retreat. The simple white pendant relates completely to the snowy white woodwork, and introduces a bit of design tension between the roughly truncated paint treatment and the minimalism of the pendant.

A Modern Bedroom from Living etc Magazine

But when I look at this serene space, I think immediately of Blake and Grace, as I ache to repeat the feathery edges of the paint treatment in the pendant fixture – so I grab an image from the store at www.myhomefacelift.com and voila

The modern bedroom with a whimsical twist.

The feather pendant adds rhythm, repeating the feathered edge, and joining the feast of subtle textures throughout the room.

I love the idea of a Tangerine Tango ceiling color – bravo! The deep teal is rich, and the addition of the graphic gold patterned chair is fabulous – but the wall feels a bit lonely and zealous in statement.

Color saturated style from House To Home UK

Art would be a pretty static solution for such a bold space, and would clutter the moldings on the wall. Why not bring the ceiling color down into the living space to relieve the abrupt path the eye must travel to go from Teal to Red, which is hard and harder in the eye’s perception….

The same bold image from House to Home UK with a finale

Here I added a vintage chandelier to streamline the visual journey from hot sofa pillow stripes through lamp, to vivid ceiling color.

Imitation is the highest form of flattery, that began in caves with the Lascaux Cave Paintings and spread through the ports of the ancient world. A huge piece of creation is building on the images or ideas that have partially defined a great idea. Use inspiration to flesh out an idea of your own.