2012 Color Trends Home & Interior – Nonchalence

Pantone Nonchalance Palette

Pantone sums up the color story of its Nonchalance Color Palette:
“… The comforting pastel pinks, ethereal blues and soft egret white wrap us in carefree baby blanket colors, harmoniously blending with the more mature taupe, gray and grape tones”… making this color story hard to visualize.

Mature neutrals in concert with baby blanket colors?? Finding inspiration in a little girl’s room that she can grow as she does would be both obvious and dismissive. All this past week I have been advocating imagination, challenging everyone to create Design Gestalt by making color trends personal instead of interpreting them literally. This one made me rise to my own challenge.

Exposed brick and woven scatter rugs are frequently an element in “country” motifs, but blended with Modern elements and our nonchalance Palette, it’s both warm and sophisticated.

Ok, first impressions – I couldn’t help it – The vibe is of this color pallet is Country style. Country is style unfairly relegated to one of the dirty words of design, but stereotyping is always leaves out allot of information and value. Like all other styles, country (and cottage) has the capacity to be fabulous…or not. Stereotypical Country style conjures hideous images of rooms that read like rooster conventions, with sun flowers in churn-like ceramic earns parked conspicuously on tiled counter tops and windows flounced with more gingham than Little House on The Prairie beneath floral wallpaper borders.

But done right, country offers an eclectic mix of aged or patina surfaces, textured woven rugs and fabrics, a mix of woods with attractive turnings, antique mirrors, unpretentious fabrics and textures, framed botanicals a few modern elements or Bohemia thrown in the mix for fun. It can be a joyous, eclectic look. Overall, if the moon has light and dark side, The Nonchalance 2012 color palette is the bright side of The Pantone Indigo Palette (which we’ll look at tomorrow).

Create interest by balancing the yin and yang of the hues (intensity of the colors) in The 2012Nonchalance Pallet. Purple is a great accent color but prone to difficulty in maturing. But purples and pinks can age gracefully in select shades and materials – the trick is not to go from little girl straight to grandma. Velvet is a great way to transition to sophistication. Above, think pink is confined to an accent wall (picked up in the mirror); a departure from a “focal” wall, accent wall support rather than lead a limited color palette. An industrial look is mixed in by the treatment of exposed piping.

Another other way to coerce purples and pinks to age with grace is by pairing them it with the Khaki “Silver Gray“, or “Plaza Taupe” and the chocolatey “Deep Taupe” of the Nonchalance colors. A subtle trick to incorporate the “Pink Nectar” or “Blue Fog” by suggestion, using luster finished velvets or faux silks, whose finishes express lustrous pink or icy blue color shift and movement when they are turned, or when you walk past. This palette also marries well with the introduction of a bit of crystal jewelry and ages brassy or bronze finished lighting.

Other opportunities to evoke Nonchalance colors in country style, are to capitalize on the fifth and sixth walls of your room – the floors and ceilings. Painted Floors and painted or paper ceilings are hallmarks of great country or cottage design and add both unity and rustic, warm color layering to your design.

The almond walls and subtle taupes in the ceiling as an opportunity for a field of subtle stars that work well with the honeycomb patterned bedspread and simple black lacquer-edged headboard.

Nonchalance Colors, with Painted Floors from inspirebohemia.blogspot

English country also features gorgeous wallpaper murals above wainscoting. These warm and friendly ways and means achieve that Nonchalant elegance with this fresh and yet sophisticated color palette!