2012 Color Trends Home & Interior – Indigo Effects

Pantone Indigo Effects

For each of the evocative new color trend pallets for spring / summer 2012, we have begun with an inspiration to glean how to personalize decor style using the Pantone Spring / Summer 2012 color trends. Using trends to express individuality may sound like oxymoronic thinking, but it’s a process at the heart of effective interior design. Pantone’s Indigo effects 2012 Summer Pallet is no exception – but today, we are going to find individuality and inspiration by contrasting two of the best (and seemingly unrelated) things on planet earth – color and chocolate. No, not the candy rack at the grocery check out – I would not encourage anyone to try use to Reeces Peanut Butter cups to Divine their sense of style. I’m talking serious chocolate – the kind that lingers on the pallet and reaches into the soul – Aztec hot chocolate.

Mariebelle Aztec Chocolate

So what does hot chocolate have to with The Indigo Effects Color Groups?

Preference and application based on your preference for color saturation.

To digress, for the nu-annointed, Mariabelle Chocolate is in lower Soho in Manhattan, and was the inspiration for Joanne Harris‘s books Chocolat (of movie fame starring Johnny Depp and Juliette Binoche) and The Girl with No Shadow – both works being as rich in the imagery and the meaning of color, as in the smells and textures of hand-made chocolates. MarieBelle™ Aztec Hot Chocolate is made with pure Colombian cacao, evoking the spicy, smokey lounge feel of the moody Indigo Effects pallet. Harris’s main character in both novels could probably tell you your favorite; I’ll give it my best shot.

Thick deeper tones in the Quarry range saturate this space (but Pantone Celestial worl work, too!), punctuated by Pantone indigo and livened with focal areas of canary yellow and Fuchsia – profound and mysterious!

Aztec Dark (70%) – Aztec Cacao is different from the stuff you drink at the ski lodge – its consistency is that of melted chocolate and it’s kick is like that of oak aged Scotch. If you like the less sweet, slight bitter saturation of dark chocolate, you may respond to saturated color. You may be willing to take dramatic risks with deep, rich color; you are not afraid of Indigo, Quarry 15-4305, Marron, Elmwood, Celestial and Blue Indigo in a Bohemian eclectic congregate may be your favorite.

An indigo focal wall adds drama and promotes sleep in the nursery! Bright accents make it warm and fun.

Aztec Original (60%) – Still pretty strong, but you would rather make a statement with strong dispersed color in focal applications than go floor to ceiling. A Dark focal wall in the nursery? Why not? This space also has a play of bright color. Stereotypes like “lounges” infer fictitious limits to style and color. Anyone with a newborn has one wish – to sleep! This room combines color that can be grown into, courageous style, and addresses the real function of this space – baby SLEEPS here. Let there be light downstairs!

Spicy –  A complex flavor offering the best of all worlds in a pallet where allot is going on. It’s focus is taste, impact and complexity. If you are spicy, you don’t fear color and probably have a knack for using it. You want a space that combines neutrals with drama and panache.

Profound purple creates weight and thereby unapologetic drama in combination with “Elmwood” walls, kept cheerful with crystal, translucent grassy green glass accents, silver patina finishes.

The jewel tones of Indigo Effects have design weight. When infusing deep rich color, try including leather pieces in unexpected jewel tones, mixed with Metallic Patina like Louis Chairs (above) upholstered in Pantone Indigo, and triangulated for balance with the over-sized shade of the floor lamp! The weight is relieved by the weightless transparent glass and crystal chandelier!

Last is Mocha – adding a bit of coffee to represent the comfort and familiarity of every day things – traditional elements but by no means dull! After all, you chose Indigo Effects, and this is not your Nestle’s Quick pallet. You may prefer elegance to startling drama. Your favorite way to approach this moody pallet is adding this complex color infusion via pillows, lighting, area rugs, and accents, grounding all that complexity in a neutral back drop or crisp white built-ins and chunky white moldings.

Here’s a space that stays light, but avoids complete convention with vignettes of Indigo effects color, and uber-contemporary lighting but showcases traditional wallpaper and realistic style portrait art.

Here are some Indigo effect colors that bring this sultry, spicy palette to your doorstep:

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