Color Trends 2012 Home & Interiors – Back to Fuchsia

Pantone Back To Fuchsia Color Trends 2012

If this is the first installment of my series on using Pantone Spring/Summer 2012 Home & Furnishings Trends that you are tuning into, there are some links below – but here are the essentials:

  1. Don’t be literal when you interpret trends. Base your design on your first impression of the color pallet that you love; it can be anything – a painting. a place, a favorite dessert, an image in a magazine….
  2. Be consistent and keep the flow! When you look through conjoining spaces, you don’t want the effect of a fruit salad.
  3. Decide how much saturated color you can live with – do you love it on walls or is your comfort zone with Pillows? Chandeliers, or lamps?
  4. Be conscious of off-gassing, and think Green (both planet and dollars) by choosing good quality furnishings (not the cheapest price slash) that you can re-upholster later, re-do or move to another room – whether, they are purchased new, or fabulous finds from shops or ebay.
  5. Remember balance – color has weight, and works contrary to wardrobe choices. That black dress that shaves off 10 lbs, adds 20 lbs to the dark sectional. Use drum shades, chandeliers, pillows, area rugs or a (similar in hue) feature wall of color opposite for counter-balance.
  6. Make trends personal – don’t be afraid to add or subtract 1 accent color to the mix.

When it comes to in your face color and glamor, there is no authority above Designers Guild, and their eye-candy color applications

Back to Fuchsia can find solid ground in black and white, and provide some neutral turf for partners less ecstatic about a pink vibe

On that note, I feel that the Pantone’s Back to Fuchsia Color Pallet is begging for a yellow accent, so I would take license to personalize to the mix. Is this cheating? Absolutely! Welcome to the world of design – cheating our daily bread, making spaces somehow greater than the sum of their limitations (design Gestalt). A specific color pallet is a set of limitations or what artists call a limited pallet. Some designers and painters live and breathe strict limitations. Others live to defy them – painter Janet Fish of ’90’s fame told me once of her eye candy pallet, that people who tell you that talent is defined by what you can do with a limited pallet are “full of _ _ _ _” (I am G-rated, at least online). She flew to Paris and spent a bundle to get premixed cotton-candy colors. The question you need to ask is, who do you prefer? Limitations gives rule to bend, and can enable the creative process by simplifying choices.

Back To Fuchsia will appeal to 70% of women who will never admit it, and who if they live with someone else will not evoke the pink taboo. About 2 % of anyone will engage this pallet and use it in a saturated manner – I would encourage the rest of you to try it in combination with black and white.

Another space featuring Designers Guild fabrics and wall coverings. Image courtesy of Designers Guild

Back To Fuchsia is one of the most joyous and exuberant of all the color trends for 2012, reminiscent of confections and Paris Shop Fronts.

2 shops in Paris and a Cake by Pink Cakebox

To get the vibe of this or any color group you can break it down – focus on the colors or color that you respond to (and have always responded to, so you like it for a while). Then Break it down again, like a fan deck in the paint store. If you love the Peridot, choose a hue (concentration of pure color to white) and make greens your focus, adding the other colors to your taste, like ingredients in a great entrée – more or less Amaranth, Pantone Fuchsia, or Bittersweet to your personal taste.

Shades of Peridot are the back drop for this whimsical space, alive with Pantone Back To Fuschia tones .

In this vignette, a Designer Guild Bernadini Damson area Rug is setting the tone for a redesign founded on Pantone Amaranth. (see resources)

If you get inspired to create in Back To Fuchsia colors, I for one would love to see the result!

If you’re looking for accents to get your space in the pink with that Pantone Back To Fuchsia color vibe, are some great looks to check out:

Areaware and Design Legacy Pillows


There are allot of great looks that infuse Back to Fuschia; Amy Butler and Emma Garner come to mind:

Amy Butler Caracas Modern Rugs